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A Candid Witness

January 1907

Sheffield evening Telegraph January 10 1907

A Candid Witness

At Doncaster, today, Herbert Walton, Collier, Bolton on Dearne, was summoned for a breach of the poaching act at Thurnscoe on January 6.

Police Constable Nicholson said he was on duty in Lydgate Lane, Thurnscoe, when he met defendant, whose pockets appeared to be rather bulky.

Suspecting him, witness searched him, and found one rabbit freshly killed, a poacher’s driving line, which was quite wet, having been recently used, a poacher’s bag, stained with blood and covered with rabbit fur.

When questioned, defending, said he got the rabbit from his brother-in-law, Spike Island. Defendants boots were covered with clay, and his coat covered with down. The brother-in-law, when they got to the latter’s house, said, “It’s a good job you haven’t taken the net, or we should have lost that as well.”

Defendant said he bought the rabbit from his brother for 1s 3d , but through consultation he had no Sunday dinner.

The brother corroborated this same, and when asked how he got the rabbit, candidly admitted that he had caught it.

The Chairman (Mr RJ Strestfield) said there was no doubt that defendant I got the rabbit unlawfully, but as this was his first offence he would be let off with a payment of 10 shillings costs.