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Collier and the Rabbits

January 1907

Sheffield Evening Telegraph January 18, 1907

A Collier and the Rabbits

Today Noah Blunt, Collier, Thurnscoe, was charged at Doncaster with trespassing in search of game  on Mr Ward at Oldham’s land on the 6th inst.

Mr Baddiley appeared for the prosecution

The keeper, Whicher, was watching some snares when defendant entered the field with two dogs and ranged the field, finally going to the snares, when the keeper presented himself and asked what he was doing.

Defendant said he was cutting a corner of the field for gainness. He refused to give his name, and said he came from Goldthorpe, where he lived at Thurnscoe, and when followed he put on some knuckle duster’s, and threatened the keeper.

Defender, who did not appear, was fined 40s.