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Hickleton Cricket Club Dinner.

November 1907

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 15 November 1907

Hickleton Cricket Club Dinner.

The Hickleton Main C.C. last season won the championship of the Mexborough and District Cricket League for the fifth time, and the Whitworth Cup for the third time.

The annual dinner, held at the Butchers’ Arms Hotel, Thurnscoe, last night, caught the spirit of the past successful season, and the proceedings were of an enthusiastic character. Over 120 sat down to dinner. At the head table were five cricket presidents, Mr. A. Wilde (Hickleton C.C.), in the chair, Mr. J. H. Kelley, C.C. (Wath C. and A.C.), Mr. W. Nicholson (Mexborough and District Cricket League), Mr. J. E. H. Drabble (Mexborough C.C. and A.C.), and Mr. W. Hague (Swinton. C.C.), the others present including Messrs. S. Hardwick (hon. secretary), A. Hoyard (treasurer), and A. Jacks (assistant secretary), I. Washington (Mitchell Main), Eaton, and Minnikin.

The loyal toasts having been honoured, Mr. Minnikin proposed “The Army, Navy, and Reserve Forces,” Mr. Marsden replying. The cricket report, presented by Mr. A. Jacks, showed that the club had won the Mexborough and District League championship without meeting with a single defeat.

  1. Turner headed the batting averages (45.80), and E. Beckett the bowling (81 wickets a cost of 6.55 apiece). Second team: O. Luton, batting (27.50), Wroe bowling (32 wickets, 4.87).

Mr. A. Hazard said the receipts had amounted to £93 15s. 9d., a profit of 11s. Id. on the year. The Chairman heartily congratulated the two teams on the success achieved last season. But his first word that night was note of congratulation to their old friend Joe Humphries on the success he had met with in his Australian tour. (Applause.) He was sure he was expressing their feelings when he said they heartily congratulated him not only on being selected to out, but on the brilliant performances he had given since he had got to the other side.” (Loud applause.) It a happy augury for the future that they had such a profitable fusion of old and young blood. (Hear, hear.) In their two teams they had four fathers and four sons playing, and the young players would strengthen them when the time came. (Applause.) He had heard it stated that other clubs stood no chance against clubs connected with collieries, but as far Hickleton Main was concerned he disagreed with that statement. Hickleton, at all events the workmen had to carry out their duties (Applause.) With reference to the splendid fielding of the Hickleton team, he could honestly say it could not have been excelled by any county team in the country. (Applause.)

Mr J H. Kelley, in presenting the Whitworth Cup to Mr. Williamson, the captain of the Hickleton first team, gave a delightfully breezy speech. Continuing, Mr. Kelley referred to the landing severance of John Tunnicliffe from the county team, and expressed the hope that when the time came for his position to filled, that trials would given to some of the prominent ,players of the Mexborough and District League. (Applause.) No doubt, there’s was good sporting league, a hard league to win, and it was all the more credit to Hickleton for having won it. (Applause.) In Yorkshire a testimonial was being got up for one of the greatest sportsmen of Yorkshire that had ever ‘been known their time, and probably ever would. (Applause.)

Mr. Nicholson, previous to presenting the medals and prizes the Hickleton players, said it pleased him see so many evidences of good feeling that night, so many players turning from other clubs. ; It repaid him for the trouble had gone to in promoting the League years ago. (Hear, hear.)

Mr. J. E. H. Drabble gave the toast of the evening, “The Hickleton Main Cricket dub.” He referred to his 50 years’ personal association with cricket, as the first president of their League, and for over 20 years president, of the Mexborough Cricket Club. He deplored the spirit of wrangling —to get a point at any cost —that seemed in danger entering League cricket. Years ago, before friendlies gave place League games, he had played with Sheffield Shrewsbury. Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield Bankers, and Mexborough and wanted see that spirit kept alive—cricket for cricket’s sake. (Applause.)