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St. Hilda’s Concert.

January 1942

South Yorkshire Times – Saturday 03 January 1942

St. Hilda’s Concert.

The Variety Rascals Concert Party first concert presented recently at St. Hilda’s Schoolroom were a great success. The members of the party belong to the choir of St. Hilda’s Church, and have been hard at work during the last three months with rehearsals, etc., under the leadership of the choirmaster. Mr. C. Myers.

Both on December 20th and 22nd there were full houses, the programme being varied and exceptionally good. The concert opened with an overture by the Evening Institute Orchestra. This orchestra played for various items during the evening and was under the able leadership of Mrs. Hardwick.

After the opening chorus and a song, “Little Stream,” by the full company, Dennis Neal sang “Where e’er you walk,” and songs by the ladies were followed by a sketch “The Breakfast Table,” by Muriel Rochester, Dennis Neal and George Kenning.

A monologue by G. Kenning was followed by a play, “Pair of Trousers,” the cast comprising Stella Miller, Doris Cornforth, Nora Stonehouse, Marjorie Myers and Dennis Neal.

Features of the second half were a comedy trio, “The Parsons of Puddle,” by G. Kenning, D. Neal and D. Proudley, a sketch “Wait For It,” by D. Neal and D. Proudley, and songs by D. Neal, M. Rochester, J. Watson, the ladies, the full company, and another sketch in which parts were taken by A. Miller, M. Myers, G. Kenning, and D. Neal. The conductor was Douglas Proudley.

The Vicar, on both evenings, said how delightful he and others were for the very good fare provided by the Concert Party. He thanked all the artists, and had a special word for the good work of the producer, Mr. C. Myers, and for his wife, Mrs. Myers, who with Mrs. Proudley, was responsible for the creating and making the the costumes. The Vicar also thanked the electrician, Mr. A. Stone, and the compere, Will Raymond. The orchestra had done well and thanks were due to them for coming and giving their music on the two evenings.

Many others had worked hard to bring success. The comments of the audiences on both evenings were that the whole company had risen to great heights and had given great shows. Great credit is due to the leader and producer. It is to be hoped that this Concert Party will soon give another show.