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December 1948

Yorkshire Evening Post – Saturday 18 December 1948

Textile Topics

The Latest News About Yorkshire’s Textile Drive

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Doris finds working in the Mills is
“just the job”

Earns over three times previous wages, finds work “full of interest”

Doris Dodds is only 17 but already she’s doing a fine job for the Country and herself.
She works in the winding department at Stewart’s of Huddersfield
and her average wages are £3.15.0 week
– over three times as much as she earned in her previous job.

It means getting up early because Doris,
who is a miner’s daughter,
travels to and from Thurnscoe each day.

She is one of several hundred girls living in the South Yorkshire coalfield
who work in the Huddersfield Mills.

Welcome from local girls

But Doris and her friend do not mind the distance.
“We have a Jolly time on the Journey.” she says,
“and work in the Mills is pleasant and full of interest.
The local girls have welcomed us and they make it easy
for South Yorkshire girls to get going.
I tell my pals that it is ‘just the job.’

Wool Wants Workers – part-time and full-time

Ask your nearest Mill or employment exchange

how you can help; what you earn, etc – do it today!

Come on Yorkshire!

Let’s get spinning let’s get weaving