Thurnscoe Urban Council.

September 1928

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 26 September 1928

Thurnscoe Urban Council.

At the meeting of the Thurnscoe Urban Council last night, a letter was read from the Welfare Committee suggesting that the Council concrete the bottom of stream in the Red Lamp field which the children now use as a playing ground.

The cost, they suggested would be moderate, and might the shared between the Thurnscoe and Bolton Urban Councils, and the pool thus constructed would much appreciated.

The Council decided to take action at the moment.

The acute shortage of water in the district was emphasised in a letter from the Town Clerk of Barnsley, and the gravity of the situation by the long dry spell of weather was realise by the Council, who are issuing notices warning the ratepayers to economise.

The refusal of the Council to allow the Conservatives to hold political meetings on the highways was referred to and the chairman said no matter what party it was, the application would have been refused, the Committee the opinion that if it was allowed, such meeting would the dangerous.