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Warship Week Crescendo

March 1942

South Yorkshire Times – Saturday 21 March 1942

Warship Week Crescendo

Most of the South Yorkshire towns and rural districts have now held their warship weeks, and so far successes have been recorded in an ever rising crescendo. Swinton and Wath have now added to the laurels gained by Hoyland, Conisbrough, Wombwell, Mexborough, Hemsworth Rural District, Doncaster Rural District and Dearne District, and Stocksbridge are in the thick of their campaign.

South Yorkshire has not been found wanting in this respect, and its record will compare favourably with many other districts. To the host of voluntary workers who have ensured the smooth running and success of the warship weeks the mere investor willingly takes off his hat.

Time, labour, and ingenuity have been unsparingly put into the common pool and results have been proportionately good. No doubt the National Savings Movement has something else up its sleeve for introduction as soon as the warship wave recedes, and the same willing workers will be called on for yet another drive in the national cause. They should not be allowed to carry the burden alone. Reinforcements are as much required here as in other theatres of war.

This is work for which no one is too old or too infirm, and volunteers can be sure that a task will be found for them on the savings front.