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Yorkshire Family Gave Up Rations for Big Fight

October 1947

Yorkshire Evening Post – Thursday 16 October 1947

Yorkshire Family Gave Up Rations for Big Fight

To-Night at five minutes to 10, a slight, middle-aged Yorkshire woman in the mining village of Thurnscoe will put on her hat and coat and to the working men’s club. She will sit by the phone, waiting to hear if her son, 21-year-old Billy Thompson, has become British lightweight champion after his fight at Liverpool against Stan Hawthorne, of North Shields.

Then she will hurry home to her five-year-old daughter, Pat, whom Billy calls his mascot, who will be waiting with her three elder sisters for the news of “big brother’s” fight.

Mrs. Thompson told me to-day that when left last night he was fit. The injury to his thumb in training has cleared up. “His Dad and his 18-year-old brother, Tom, left early to-day to go to Liverpool, but I didn’t want go. I’ve only seen him fight twice but it upsets me.”

” It’s been struggle to feed the lad during training.” said Mrs. Thompson, ” but there are nine us, and we have all given up something help. Neighbours have been very good. He very fond of cereals and milk and I have been giving him poached eggs, steak and onions and mushrooms.

Hawthorne scaled 9st. 81b. 15o and Thompson 9st. 7b 8 oz

Billy Thompson being greeted by his mother at Thurnscoe, on his return home from Liverpool after beating Stan Hawthorne