Editorial – Malta

28 March 1942

South Yorkshire Times – Saturday 28 March 1942


Heroic Malta is gain passing through a period of storm. This devoted outpost is braving and breasting the enemy’s fury with a courage and constancy beyond praise.

Its glory will endure when Sinqapore’s shame has been forgotten. The best news of the week was the gallant and successful defence of an important convoy sent to the relief of the beleaguered isle.

The fierce fighting over and around Malta, the persistent German and Italian attacks on its harbours and approaches, betokens its importance in the struggle for the control of the Western Mediterranean. Malta is a vital piece in the grim game of chess that is going on in Northern Africa. and holds Rommel in check so long as it can be supplied and held.

It is from Malta that much of the air and seapower of Britain is exerted against Italy, against Libya, and every Axis ship that attempts to pass between. It will be from Malta also that swift retribution will come if Vichy commits its final crime – the surrender of the French Fleet.